Pintrest Challenges

Here is where I shall be showcasing anything I’ve attempted from Pintrest. I will take suggestions from followers. Please contact me with a pintrest link of your suggestion


  • Once a particular project had been selected, I will begin a post outlining the project, a link to the pintrest post, any alterations I foresee to make it more of my own own piece, and any other necessary information as I see fit.
  • From there I will do the project taking pictures as I go noting other changes or complications I’ve had to problem solve a solution.
  • Once completed there will be a published post of the completed project. Noting things I changed, research, references, etc.

Special Projects:

There are some pintrest projects that I do make specifically for a birthday or holiday as a gift. These projects will only be posted as final works as I will be working on a deadline and may not have time to take work in progress pictures.


Balloon Wreath

Tomato Jam

Pickled Mexican Sour Gherkins

Biscuit Chicken Pot Pie

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